Meslova Sensor Data Processing Platform

Simple . Secure . Scalable

Get Valuable Insights including Pre-Failure and Failure Predictions, Notifications and Decision Support for discrete and IoT enabled Devices in a simple, scalable and secure manner. Whether you collect data using standards-based sensors, such as SCADA systems, Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) equipment or proprietary hardware like many other organisations, the data would grow to terabytes or even petabytes in a short operational period.

One of the biggest challenges faced by organizations worldwide is not having efficient tools to process the large datasets, especially for sensor data which is known to have noise and is vulnerable to all kinds of sampling issues. Typically, organisations try to address this by either acquiring discrete proprietary applications for each sensor type or build their own application stack.

Proprietary sensor data processing applications address various sensor specific aspects but tend to be very endpoint specific and monolithic in nature. Building own application stack will solve business specific problems but require excessive amount of work in dealing with the standard data processing techniques which are mostly repetitive in nature.

Meslova Sensor Data Processing Platform brings in best of the both worlds and addresses the implementation issues in the best possible manner. With Out-of-the-box support for variety of sensor types involving multiple technologies, ability to process large datasets, built-in noise modelling, highly flexible configuration to indicate nature of different parameters and highly intuitive user interface, time required for customization and the total cost of ownership will be up to 70% lesser compared to operating discrete applications. Customers will get the best value and business outcomes from the Advanced Deep Learning Technology embedded in the platform.

Data Acquisition

  • Diverse Data Sources

    Data acquisition from different sensor types with various characteristics

    Support input in the form of human readable, standards-based as well as proprietary formats with ICD

    Native support for multiple domains (Agriculture, Water, Oil & Gas and Defence)

    Automatic conversion of binary input data to human readable formats including CSV, XLS, etc

  • Enormous Data Collection

    Process volumes of data spread across number of files

    Cached and Streaming Data

    Supports Structured, Logs and Raw Data

  • Data Prioritization

    Understands the data on the fly with domain specific awareness

    Data Prioritization and Deduplication based on user configurable parameters


  • Scaling and Normalization

    Normalize multi sensor and multi scale data

    Binning the appropriate data

  • Manual and Automatic Feature Management

    Parameter Selection


    Feature Extraction

    Outlier Detection and Elimination

    Noise Modelling and Consumption

Artificial Intelligence

  • Automatic Detection of different Data Characteristics



    Time Series


  • Employs Deep Neural Network Architecture

    DNN and CNN based Autoencoders

    Generative Adversarial Networks

    Supervised, Semi-supervised, Unsupervised and Reinforced Learning

    Local and Global Optimization

    Online and Incremental Learning

  • Learns complex data relationship




    Time Series

    Geographic Awareness


  • Predictive Analytics

    Pattern and Progression of observations

    Pre-failure and Failure modelling for operating equipment

    Domain specific outcomes for transitional data

  • Native Support for Scientific Phenomena

    Wave Propagation

    Particle Physics, Projectile Motion, Fluid Dynamics, etc.



  • Domain Specific Decision Support

    Outcome / Intent Estimation

    Time, Location and Direction Awareness

  • Output in standard and proprietary formats

    Time Series

    Geographic Awareness

  • Multi Sensor Fusion and Collation

User Interface

  • Configuration

    Configuration of Data Sources with assignable priorities

    User input to facilitate semi-supervised and reinforced learning

  • Human Machine Interface

    Provides in-depth insights into the machine learning and decision boundaries

    Highly intuitive 2D/3D visualization to represent inference

  • GIS integration

    Mil-grade Security and Role Based Access Control

Meslova Text Analytics Platform

Support for broadest set of Document Formats and widest set of Languages

Get Valuable Insights from volumes of your Documents using proven Artificial Intelligence.

User Interface

Easy to use and intuitive User Interface built using industry standard open technologies including HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Web Browser based and compatible with devices of different screen sizes.

Document Formats

Support for multiple file formats including plain text, log files, HTML, PDF, RTF, CSV, MS Doc, MS Excel, variety of RDBMS and live data stream.

Language Support

Support various languages including English, Chinese, Urdu, Spanish, Dutch, Russian, German, French, Italian and multiple Indian languages


Natural Language Processing

Language detection, Topic Classification, Intent Detection, Sentiment Analysis

Intelligent Notification System

Self-learning capability based on user interests and other criteria

Powerful Query Interface

Answers queries posed in Natural Language in the supported languages

Application Programming Interface

Secured RESTful Webservice interface for integration with external systems

Text to Audio Conversion

Convert both Native and Targeted language Text to Audio for on-demand play and storage

Meslova Audio Analytics Platform

Support for multiple audio file formats including Live Streaming Audio

  • Audio to Text conversion

    Tight integration with Audio Informatics Platform, Automatic Noise elimination and conversion to Text in all the supported languages.

  • Integration with Meslova platform for unified model

    Secured REST API integration platform with great deal of flexibility, which handles mutiple types of calls return different data formats.

  • Audio characterization

    Acoustic signal modelling using Gaussian mixture model for audio characterization and feature extraction.

  • Source recognition including identification and verification

    Automatic Speech Recognition, Speaker Recognition, Language Identification and Emotion Detection.

  • Selective Noise Cancelling

    Removing only certain elements of background noise and distortion.

  • Automatic Noise modelling

    Speaker Isolation and Noise Elimination from live or stored media

  • Spacial Simulations

    Improving reverb and binaural processing.

  • Input Formats


  • Intuitive User Interface

    Easy to use and intuitive User Interface built using industry standard open technologies including HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

  • Compatability

    Web Browser based and compatible with devices of different screen sizes.

Meslova Image Insights Platform

Live and Stored Images with Geo-Tag support

Learn Never-before-known Insights your Images have to offer

Image Insights

User Interface

Easy to use and intuitive User Interface built using industry standard open technologies including HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

Web Browser based and compatible with devices of different screen sizes.

Support for multiple file formats

Including JPEG, PNG, TIF, Geo TIFF and other format including some proprietary formats with ICD

Image Capturing Technologies

Electro Optical (EO), IR, Multi-spectral, LIDAR, Remote Sensing and Satellite Imagery


Image fusion from different sources and angles

When common tagging information is available for the images, like Geo Tagging, Meslova Image Insights Platform fuses images from different sources and angles. Stitches multiple images as well as splits images as needed. Both Automatic as well as user defined options are supported.

Raster and Vector level objects of interest

Be it Agriculture crop pest or corrosion in Oil and Gas pipelines, pre-trained image classification models built into the platform detect a large collection of objects of interest

2D and 3D change detection on selectable time scale

Whether it is simple comparison or detection of progression of a complex observation contained in a series of files, let the Meslova Image Insights Platform present you the most useful findings from the images.

Geographic and DEM awareness

With full awareness of the Geographic and Digital Elevation Modelling (DEM), platform learns and infers lot of valuable insights by Augmenting image specific information with system-wide information

Intelligent Notification System

Self-learning capability based on user interests and other criteria

Powerful Query Interface

Answers queries posed in Natural Language about Images and corresponding learning

Application Programming Interface

RESTful Protected Webservice interface for integration with external systems

Meslova Video Processing Platform

Streaming and Stored Video Intelligent Analysis

Extract insightful observations quickly from long videos.

Video Formats

MOV, MPEG4, MP4, AVI, WMV, WM, FLV, WebM, HEVC (h265)

Video Capturing Protocols and Technologies


Application Programming Interface

RESTful Protected Webservice interface for integration with external systems

Intuitive User Interface

Mark and track objects Highlight objects for further evaluation Mark and Clear Objects.


Object Detection and Identification

Automatic support for large collection of general and domain specific objects Single and Multiple Marked ObjectsFace Recognition and Identification

Motion Detection and Movement based Identification

Object motion, entry and exit on timeline GAIT, etc.

Object and Video Collation and collaboration

Multi camera, Multi installation, Multi-site integration

Quality Optimization using AI

Improved definition, compression, etc.



Artificial Intelligence is the key to prevent crop loss


Early stage pest detection through innovative image recognition and decision supported by Artificial Intelligence is the key to prevent crop loss.

Our 'AI for Agri' platform exactly does the same. With industry collaboration, we built platform to recognize numerous pest and possible stages of infestation.


Platform built to handle thousands of online tests simultaneously


Platform built to handle thousands of online tests simultaneously. Millisecond response times and numerous reports on student performance for both users and administrators. Customizable online assessments with more than 500,000 qualified questions are readily available.

AI driven performance analysis and increases difficulty level of questions in real time.

Energy, Oil & Gas

Pipeline Monitoring with distributed acoustic sensing system

Energy, Oil & Gas

Pipeline Monitoring with distributed acoustic sensing system built on fiber optic cables and other sensory data to provide distributed strain sensing. Platform collects data from the sensing elements using attached opto-electronic devices and combined with pipeline measurements, allows acoustic frequency strain signals to be detected over large distances and in harsh environments.

Powerful User interface provides GIS overlay for pipeline routing with flow and corrosion metrics.

Finance & Insurance

Medulla – AI powered insurance platform – with wide range capabilities and in-depth business reports

Finance & Insurance

Medulla – AI powered insurance platform – with wide range capabilities and in-depth business reports and predictions, gives unique perspective and insights into your data.

Enriched with risk analysis, parts failure predictions and flexible actuaries.

Health Care

Smart Revenue Cycle Management

Health Care

Smart Revenue Cycle Management - which begins when a patient schedules an appointment. It captures all the events throughout the process including care, monitoring and processing all payments.

The platform strives to minimize anomalies and errors in revenue cycle management, hence preventing delayed payments or no payment at all. Since the revenue cycle process is complex and subject to regulatory oversight, healthcare providers can greatly benefit with streamlined and well integrated RCM platform.

Traffic Monitoring

AI driven Traffic Monitoring Platform

Traffic Monitoring

The AI driven traffic monitoring platform is designed to be comprehensive traffic management solution to protect drivers and pedestrians alike. Built on scalable infrastructure and seamlessly integrates with existing Traffic Monitoring devices.

With the help of AI, we can reconfigure intersection, improve traffic congestion and possibly prevent accidents.


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Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Together, let's unleash the Power of AI. Our expert AI team and the strategy works seamlessly with your existing resources by transforming your entire business at scale. Whether you need to enhance the customer experience in a support center, improve predictive analytics, forecast demand or predict product failure, we are here to team up.

Python Development

Python's open source libraries, especially for web development and data analysis, are some of the best maintained and fully featured pieces of code for any language.Our team of experts boasts ten years of Python programming experience with thorough professional and technical expertise.

Data Migration

Data migration is an extremely common operation in software design and development. Our team has expertise in different data migration activities and helps in achieving the intense process of migration with ease.

Mobile Application Development

Our Mobile application programmers continuously research and evaluate evolving mobile offerings. This fuels our development approach and frameworks to bring you responsive, well-coded, and highly usable apps for your users.

.Net Development Services

If you are looking for a robust, scalable and secure software design that uses .NET development best practices, our company can help. Our team of experienced programmers can enable your next .NET software development initiative.

Cloud Computing

A successful Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) strategy begins with your technical and Datacenter objectives. We will help you map out the technical requirements of your workload and application portfolio, including architecture, performance, security, cost, availability, and integration.

About Us

Meslova Systems is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Research and Development Organization registered in India with corporate office in New Delhi and development centre in Hyderabad. Established in 2015, Meslova Systems is legally incorporated in the United States and other countries where the company engages with customers and partners to develop, customize and deliver its platforms. Meslova comprises of both experienced and young talent from top universities across the globe. More than 140 employees worldwide work on developing and delivering advanced technologies and products.

Meslova designs, develops and delivers domain specific products and applications using Artificial Intelligence to some of the largest government and enterprise customers worldwide. All of Meslova Products and platforms are designed ground up with highest level of quality.

Meslova takes pride in properly understanding customer pain points and develops its products to address those in the most elegant manner. Our products have demonstrated their ability to improve workforce productivity by many times by autonomously performing some of the most complex knowledge-based tasks that assist end users in efficiently performing their job functions. Whether it is automatically identifying and predicting failure patterns in manufacturing equipment or identifying crop diseases and their progression pattern or accurately predicting leakages in Oil and Gas pipelines or helping teachers automatically identify strengths and weakness of their students, our intelligent platforms are assisting our customers and end users while simultaneously addressing a social or environmental problem with the delivered solution.

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